Why identity matters


Most people recognise, if only intuitively, that every organisation is unique.


But what is an organisation? It isn’t an office, a factory or a range of products. It is more than a logo or livery.


It might be a group of people yet the individuals could change and the organisation remain.

An organisation’s uniqueness (and potentially the source of it’s greatest competitive advantage) lies in its approach, what it believes, how it conducts its business and how it is perceived.

This uniqueness, or identity is expressed in everything the organisation does, its products and services, its communications, its buildings, its dealings with the outside world.

An effective identity depends on two things: credibility and consistency. It cannot be artificial or cosmetic, it must spring from the organisations own roots, its values and behaviour, its strengths and its weaknesses. And it must be carefully and consistently expressed.


That is why our work rests on a thorough understanding of an organisation and obsessive attention to every detail of its presentation.


This depends on close collaboration with our clients.