What you get


What you get is an amalgam of self knowledge and strategy, skills and systems, and of course, design, that adds up to a well-managed identity. But this isn’t an end in itself. The identity is only a means to an end. It is there to help the organisation achieve its goals.

Paradoxically, the specific benefits of a well managed identity are self evident yet difficult to quantify.


Sometimes there are hard, financial savings. Greater consistency often cuts design and production costs significantly.

Market research techniques can reveal growing public recognition and awareness. The marketing budget goes further. With a strong, positive identity each manifestation of the organisation builds on the last. Advertising and publicity campaigns have a greater impact amid the din of competing claims on everyone’s time.

Many softer benefits are frequently reported. The process of developing the identity, and the identity itself, has a profound effect on the organisation’s most important audience, its staff. They then project their shared understanding of the organisation and its aims to the outside world.

Many of our clients report internal benefits. Better co-operation and liaison between departments. Improved morale. Greater commitment and trust. Willingness to accept change. They find it easier to attract and keep good people. Their strategy cascades more easily down the organisation.

External perceptions begin to fuse with reality. Investors perceive a renewed sense of purpose. Suddenly they see the organisation everywhere. It appears larger, stronger, better managed. Confidence grows accordingly. Suppliers and customers find the organisation easier to deal with and have more realistic expectations, consumers warm to the new personality which now stands out from the crowd.