All our clients have different requirements, or are at their own phase in the growth cycle.


That's why we fit our costings to your needs with pre-staged packages

This allows you to 'test' the market (and us of course).
Even at this stage we can tailor our process and costs to work within your budgets and achieve set goals

Basic Identity

A lightweight version of the fuller design programs that can fit into a small company resource pool.

The business has been through the start up phase and is ready to present a professional identity to gain greater audience buy-in.

Time allowed is 1 - 2 months

For small business from 2 - 6 staff

Small Identity

An affordable design program for growing companies suitable for an operation of around 20 people, in one location who may be preparing for the next phase of growth and market penetration.

Time allowed is 2 - 3 months

For businesses from 5-12 people

Medium Identity

Formulated for an organisation that has achieved the ‘third level of growth’ and now needs to consolidate their position to prepare for the next stage.

This company is now seeing divisional growth which may also be product driven.

Time allowed is 2 - 4 months

Best solution for companies from 10 - 26 staff

Large Identity

This is the best solution set for larger organisations with multiple divisions. 

The process allows for workshopping solutions with larger steering groups reporting back to wider divisions and stakeholders.

The process increases the level of sophistication to align with predetermined business cases.

It is also assumed that there will be a launch process back into the organisation.

Time allowed is 3 - 6 months

For companies from 20 - 50 staff with divisional growth and multiple product sets