Putting the identity into place


The new identity is then introduced to the organisation and communicated to its various audiences. This implementation phase is critical. Poorly implemented, an otherwise impeccable identity will be severely ineffective.

Implementation is both a practical process — the application of the identity to a multitude of objects, from hard hats to hot air balloons — and a transfer of knowledge. When we withdraw, our clients have the people, systems and and skills to manage the identity themselves.

Graphic Design Council offers sophisticated planning and project management. We document the details of the new identity with manuals and style guides, sample material and models. We train your staff to apply and monitor the new identity.


We can even hold presentations to explain the changes, answer the questions and win commitment and enthusiasm from your staff and stakeholders.

Often a new identity is part of a wider change programme. We may coordinate or work alongside other specialists from advertising agencies to technical consultants. The process is collaborative throughout, tailored to clients needs and under their control. Clients may want a major launch with events, visuals and print. We can assist with a dynamic introduction.

Or clients may opt for a steady replacement programme. We ensure that the identity is consistently and credibly applied with minimum disruption. However the identity is introduced it must be fine tuned as time passes for, in truth, the implementation process never ends. We can provide ongoing support, or return several years later to audit and adjust, if need be.

Implementation is a massive task. Experience proves that it is well worth the effort.