Print, the traditional media is a key component in your entire brand and marketing strategy.

A well considered and designed corporate brochure is a vital element of your marketing mix and will enhance and support your overall corporate image and it’s marketing success.

When a company or organisation is in the process of growing, the corporate brochure is considered a vital tool for to facilitate and underpin the growth curve.

At Graphic Design Council, we are specialists in corporate brochure design paying particular attention to the extension of your core brand and have all the necessary skills, tools and design passion to produce an effective brochure to meet your various goals and initiatives.

The process of corporate brochure design is facilitated in close consultation with key members and decision makers within your company.

The various stages in the process are as follows:

Briefing the design and strategy for your company’s Corporate Brochure

The initial phase where Graphic Design Council will consult with you to gain a full understanding of your corporate brochure design needs, this includes:

  • budgets

  • target markets

  • desired response

  • constraints

  • delivery systems

The corporate brochure design process

This stage is where the copy for text, photography, illustrations and diagrams for your corporate brochure design are nominated and selected.

You may have them as part of your brand kit already, if not, at Graphic Design Council, we have the necessary skills and support to achieve this, thes items may include:

ph  otographers (stock or bespoke)


illust  rators

Reviewing and critiquing the design for your corporate brochure

Once Graphic Design Council have completed the initial stages of designing your corporate brochure, we will set a review meeting among the key stakeholders to analyse, critique and comment to fine tune the corporate brochure design process.

It is expected that we will need at 2 - 3 meetings to fine tune the design through to sign-off.

The printing phase of your corporate brochure design

After Graphic Design Council has completed revisions and the corporate brochure design process is signed off by your team, the corporate brochure design process through to finished art is complete. 

At this point we will have selected a print company to give you the perfect combination of print quality, price and print finishing to bring your corporate brochure design to life ready for distribution to your target market audience and perform it’s task as your long-term salesperson.