The Altezano Identity was indistinct so it was time to revise and re-think their brand strategy, core identity, logo and packaging design.


As a premier coffee roasting company, Altezano needed a brand agency to re-align their company image to one more suited to their current value proposition by revised story, graphics and logo design - this is how we achieved that success.

First we focused on clarifying their brand strategy and structure through a series of stringent but humour filled workshops (they are very funny guys).

Second, we suggested that they should be true to themselves, and as a family business consisting of three brothers, let's tell the world about that and get some real values going - hence, Altezano Brothers were born (that wasn't their real name of course).

Having gained consensus from management, we the set about evolving the stories, images, diagrams and design system that could demonstrate the key benefits of working with Altezano Brothers.

Using IQON’s specialised and concise design system ensured that all of Altezano Brother’s brand, logo, packaging, signage, brochure system, advertising and web design requrements were met and managed with results that have driven the company several notches up to the stated objective.

Altezano Brothers

Brand Identity & Packaging Design


Brand Story - Altezano Brothers


Coffee is coffee right?

Tsk, tsk, should you think that then we believe you deserve something a little better.

But then again, what do we know? Thanks, glad you asked. 

Let’s cut to the chase. Our family grew up on coffee (a long story involving conflict, missionaries and cultures that relish a life well lived but, we can tell you all about that another time). 

The art of coffee is in our blood and pounds passionately through our veins.

Some would think it’s a matter of life and death but we’d say that it’s far more serious than that.

As brothers growing up around the plantations of South America, we learned what it really takes to get the ultimate cup of black gold. 

The care and attention, the soils, the climate, the curing of the bean, it’s a lot closer to growing a fine wine than you’d ever realise.

Of course, those with discerning taste and experience can pick it straight away, depth, aroma, body and those simmering, significant aftertastes.

And we haven’t even got to the final roasting yet - get this phase wrong and even the finest beans in the world won’t help you.

To this we dedicate the ultimate in love, just as you’d expect from a master distiller of whiskey. Experience and passion are the two primary ingredients.

Still with us? Good, lets carry on then.

Lets talk about the grind -  how do we get the all those beautifully delicious bouquets away from the bean and into your cup? 

The grind is everything, it allows your barista to get a full extraction and ensures safe passage of the precisely pressured and heated brew to your vessel with a full and lively krema.

Now we’re going to get really personal.

How you have your coffee is entirely up to you, long, short, flat, fluffy, mocha, macchiato, bright, smooth, sit in or takeaway.

But let it be known, that this coffee has travelled from the ends of the earth, it has been cherished, nurtured, roasted, ground down and subjected to intense heat just right for you to savour.

It’d better be good right?

We agree... Coffee is not just coffee.

Altezano Brothers™

Very, very, serious coffee©

Altezano brothers label design

We designed a series of labels that would fit across three sizes of bags so that we could minimise the cost of packaging while maximising the value.

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