Developing the identity


Having established your identity requirements, we set about meeting them, It requires a curious mix of rigour and flexibility, science and art.

We may be asked to create a new name for the organisation; perhaps for its component parts or products. Many names will be generated and discussed, and a shortlist scrutinised for legal problems and connotations in other languages.

We will develop, or refine, the symbol or logotype, again checking for clashes or potential problems.


Alternative designs are tested in action; something that works on a letterhead may fail dismally as a neon sign.


Through a process of exploration and elimination a superior solution emerges.

Some organisations require an elaborate identity structure, so that the relationships between the parts and each other, or the whole, are expressed visually. This can powerfully convey new allegiances and strategies.

We explore the implications of a new identity for the business units and brands, adjusting the scheme for maximum benefit. Many permutations are discussed in the search for the right solution. Names, styles and design all create expectations of how the organisation will behave.

You may want to modify or redesign your offices and showrooms, or your factories in order to create appropriate working environments.


We can help you do this. If you need to introduce corporate literature, an annual report, group brochures or a literature system, our specialists in this field can work with you.