Quality Foods Southland.

Developing an identity that goes beyond the obvious.

QFS (Quality Foods Southland) had been in existence in various forms for over 150 years.

Based in Invercargill, it is one of New Zealand's best kept secrets as most of its product was exported to Japan and Asia.

The process of re-defining this brand was a voyage of self discovery and the realisation that the company had depth and qualities that had been forgotten or hidden for many years.

This gave the company the confidence to add a core positioning statement 'World Class Foods' as evidenced by the brand wheel at the left.

“Out of this process we were able to stop seeing ourselves as a small, 150 year old Southland Company and take our place as a confident force in the Global Arena.” 


Andee Gainsford
Quality Foods Southland Limited

Individual product brands mean better business.

Previously, the company had operated under a monolithic brand - QFS - but this made it difficult for consumers to see exactly what was on offer and the company was easily pigeonholed into one product set or the other. As a result, many cross selling opportunities were lost.

On the introduction of the sub-brand structure, Andy Gainsford, QFS CEO, reported an immediate success with an easy demonstration of the various product offerings

New Zealand Milk and Cream

The high quality sauces branch of QFS.

The sauces and creams produced were of unparalleled flavour.

The inherent benefits of a New Zealand milk based product needed to be immediate in order to invite the taste testing process.

Baker Creations

The premium pastry branch of QFS,

These products needed to compete with european products and so we looked back to the heritage of the product and drew on the background of the original immigrants to New Zealand.

The quality is implied effectively without being overt.

Southern Islands

A result of the R&D branch of QFS.


This was a high quality seafood offering and it needed to speak of the special qualities associated with the New Zealand environment.

Testing the application of New Zealand Milk and Cream branding.

This is focused on the benefits for the end consumer and adds a quality promise to the overall brand concept.

A quality mark was generated that drew directly on the heritage founders of the company.

The application of this mark gave credibility to the sub-brand promise

MooJuice. A concept product that took the lead of the R&D department.


Brand Story - QFS


Over the last 150 years the pristine landscape of New Zealand has become home to the most adventurous of settlers from Europe. Predominantly British in origin but also a range of French, German and Italian migrants made their way to this brave new world.

These hardy pioneers sought to escape the ever crowding population of europe and seek fresh fields for a better quality of life. 

What they discovered was a compact country with all the best that the old world had to offer. 

Snowy clean alpine peaks, wide flat fertile fields, virgin forests in abundance and a temperate climate that was fuelled by winds which originated from the crystal clear landscapes of antarctica.

This land of of opportunity was considered to be the ‘Europe of the South Pacific’.

These new guests in this land set to raising a new culture, unfettered by the old ways but still retaining the best traditions of the old.

It is here, in the deepest south of New Zealand, for nearly 100 years, QFS began life as a blossoming and successful family bakery (then known as A.C.Millars) servicing much of the local country’s needs. Over half a century of cultural development has ensured that this company is almost as old as the first european settlement and one of New Zealand’s most enduring businesses.

The company never stood still, always improving the products and flavours, always employing the latest technologies.

The company began to focus on producing only the finest quality pastry with specialised methods that ensured real ‘melt in your mouth’ satisfaction and soon after came an extension into sauces that were so rich and creamy, to taste them was likened to ‘angels dancing on your tongue’.

Late in the last century, this hidden gem from down in the south of New Zealand began to be discovered by companies from around the planet - it seemed there was an appreciation for a taste so fresh and unique but made to the traditional European recipes.

It made perfect sense to take the purest and richest ingredients from a local source, add traditional skills and recipes and make these products available for discerning palates worldwide.

So this is QFS today, a global supplier of european inspired, high quality, butter based bakery products and premium grade sauces.

Located in the most pristine growing and harvesting region in the World - Southland, New Zealand.


World Class Foods

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