A successful brand identity and packaging design for Traillite reaps great rewards.

Traillite’s desire was to revise and re-think their brand strategy, signage, exhibition, brochure, advertising, video and web design.


As a constructor of high quality motorhomes, Traillite needed a brand agency to re-align their company image to one more suited to their current value proposition by revised story, graphics and logo design - this is how we achieved that success.

First we focused on clarifying their brand strategy and structure through a series of stringent workshops.

Having gained consensus from management, we the set about evolving the stories, images, diagrams and design system that could demonstrate the key benefits of working with Traillite.

Using IQON’s specialised and concise design system ensured that all of Traillite’s brand, logo, signage, brochure, advertising, exhibition, video and web design requrements were met and managed with results that have driven the company several notches up to the stated objective.


Brand Story


Back in the day, life was simpler, summers were longer and we all lived with a sense of bright optimism.

It used to be that the good old Kiwi dream was to pack up the wagon and head off for an adventure or two - some people journeyed to a familiar camp ground to catch up with the usual crew and others would travel to less familiar places and make new acquaintances.

Or there are the bach owners... all very nice for those who like doing the same thing year in, year out.

Of course, if you were really well heeled, you’d go and get a yacht, but what is that famous saying in boating circles? “there’s two great days in the life of a yachtie. The day you buy your boat... and the day you sell it.”

Either way, you’d always be sure of a place where time slowed down a little, where you could just put your feet up and reflect on what makes life wonderful.

Nowadays, things have changed. we work longer and travel more, computers and the internet rule our lives, less time for ourselves and you just can’t get away from it all.

When we do go on holiday, it’s book when you can, endless queues, border security, cramped seats, the same featureless hotels and inevitable tourist traps.

Just makes you want to stop the planet and get off for a while doesn’t it?

The thing with New Zealand is, we just don’t know how good we’ve got it, in our beautiful country we can pretty much cover the globe from wide open plains and high country tundra, soaring majestic alpine peaks, golden clear beaches - it would take a few years but you could see the entire world right here at home... if you had the right machine for the job.

This is what my father, a master craftsman working in the TrailLite factory, thought over 30 years ago, He loved the product so much that he bought the factory and in typical ‘roll up your sleeves’ fashion’ he set about refining his idea of the ultimate caravan, something that really suited the kiwi way of doing things. 

Of course, Dad being Dad, he wasn’t just satisfied with doing things the normal way, he’d improve and tinker till he had a ‘road going bach’ that could easily carry all the comforts required for a great road adventure.

Suffice to say, and history has it noted, that his unique designs were a roaring success and before long, he built a team of craftsmen around him to help satisfy demand (and he would only employ the best, it’s fair to say that Dad’s standards have always been pretty high).

Eventually, the move to motorised vans evolved and TrailLite® developed into a specialised style and design method around a handcrafted, mobile adventure craft and became a part of New Zealand folklore - every campground and remote fishing spot had one.

Generations of New Zealanders have grown up with the TrailLite® experience, As you’re reading this we bet you can think of at least one uncle or friend’s dad down the street who had one.

These days, things have changed a little... But then again a lot of things stay the same.

Our motorhomes are now truly state of the art with innovative comfort features a wide range of choice for size and fit-out (much of it is customised to your taste). You can travel in the best flatscreen tv comfort available, but they’re still handmade, still by craftspeople, still with that great attention to detail.

Dad is taking it a little easier these days but rest assured, he’s still around the factory making sure the team keeps their standards high.

So here you are today... 

You’ve probably worked hard all your lives and now it’s time to relax and live a little. You’ve finally got time on your hands to experience good old New Zealand again and reclaim those endless summers for yourself. 

Perhaps a bach? That’s fine for some but there’s no need to be tied down with so much of this amazing country to see and explore.

Maybe that yacht? - Sure, good luck with that.

But in a TrailLite® there’s nothing to book, no queues to wait in, just head out to wide open New Zealand where you can have a different view from your front yard as often and anytime as you like.

Our ‘landcraft’ are designed for the spirit of freedom and ease of use and yes, you can take it all with you.

We have a TrailLite waiting here for you...

So what are you waiting for?

TrailLite® - Your Land, Your Way


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