Mrs Higgins


Brand Development

Concept and development of a targeted brand strategy

Mrs Higgins had a problem, growing organically, they had found themselves in a brand cul-de-sac and it was time to revise and re-think their brand strategy, identity, packaging, signage, brochure, advertising, video and web design.


As a supplier of premium baked foodstuffs, Mrs Higgins needed an experienced brand master to re-align their company’s image to one more suited to their current value propositions by revised story, graphics and logo design - this is how we worked through those concepts.

First we focused on clarifying their brand strategy and structure through a series of stringent workshops designed to coax out their true brand values.

Having gained consensus from management, we the set about evolving the stories, images, diagrams and design system that could easily convey the quality of Mrs Higgins products.

Using IQON’s specialised and concise design system ensured that all of Mrs Higgin’s brand, logo, packaging, signage, brochure, advertising, video and web design requrements were met and managed with results that have driven the company several notches up to the stated objective.

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