Your identity is at the heart of everything we do.


We help our clients to understand who they are and what they would like to be; then project this clearly and powerfully to their many audiences.


It sounds simple. But organisations are complex creatures. Markets change. Laws change. Low cost production gives way to niche marketing; organic growth to merger mania. Creating an identity that helps an organisation to realise its ambitions is both an art and a science.

Your brand is one of your most important assets, it is this that your customers see and what they understand of you. How do you manage it? How does the information about your vital services or products reach your intended customers? will they love you and what is it they really want? All these questions are answered in our brand strategy process and form the backbone of the design process from concept through to launch and implementation.

Logo design

A logo is the most visible part of your brand identity.

It is here that we draw all the threads of strategy together to formulate a compelling design that unites your staff and excites your customers.

The effort involved here will determine whether or not that your intended audience would wish to be seen wearing your brand in public... or for your staff at a dinner party.

A well considered design here will lead to greater profits for your and your company in the coming years.

Naming Systems

What’s in a name? Quite a lot if you don’t get it right, even more when you do


Will your clients ‘get it’ will they want to feel good about a purchase from you once they understand what is on offer.


Graphic Design Council have a proven process for name creation and we will put it to best use for you and your company.


It is here that your positioning statement is considered also, how to distil your purpose down to a single line will pay dividends if your unique selling proposition is immediately understood.

Corporate Structure Design

Every organisation has a hierarchy, it could be simple or complex describing operating structures, services and products, but whatever end of the spectrum you are at


One thing is clear and that is you need to communicate these structures succinctly to your audience, the more thay can understand of your company, the easier it is to do business.


Graphic Design council has a proven system and strategy in auditing companies to determine their corporate structures and then applying this knowledge back into the brand strategy.

Brand Implementation

Getting your brand to market is a complex matter


launching internally, externally, exhibitions, press ads, PR, point of sale, TVC, web, self service kiosks, brochures, annual reports, catalogues, packaging. etc.


Graphic Design Council can manage all these for you and supply the correct design services to suit all while keeping you ‘on brand’